Facility Management Services

Trumax is a leading provider of facilities management services for businesses of all sizes – from large, multinational firms to small and medium-sized organizations throughout Dubai.  Trumax is one-stop-solution for all your needs related to facility management solutions. Our multiple disciplines ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the built environment by the comprehensive integration of human resource, systems, technology and domain knowledge of the services providers. 

Our Facility Management Services Encompasses – 

  • Irrigation
  • Cleaning Facilities
  • Facility Management 
  • Building Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance 
  • Landscape Architecture & Landscape Design

As an industry leader, We at Trumax knows the importance and dynamics of facility management services such as gardening janitorial, pest control, waste management, etc. If you want to build your brand equity and increase your employee morale, get in touch with us today.

Building Maintenance

We manage, maintain and modify – Trumax building maintenance service is focused on all behind the scenes jobs that ensures that the building or facility is comfortable and functional each and every day.

Our building maintenance department of janitors, maintenance technician and supervisors are focused to take care of the lawn and landscape property by evaluating your property to determine risks, maintenance plans and necessary remediations of the entire complex. Trumax building maintenance staff maintains a high level of security while performing any job that ensures 100% Safety.

We understand that cutting maintenance costs and ensuring the longevity of the mechanical equipment is vital, hence our work ensures the highest professional standards in taking care of the security systems, fire systems, power system, ventilation, and lighting.

Cleaning Facilities

Cleanliness holds utmost importance be it in your workplace, industry, home or supermarket and delights every individual walking in.

Our highly skilled & motivated staff at Trumax is trained to provide the highest standards of cleaning facilities for workplace cleaning, waste management, washroom, pest control, feminine hygiene, consultancy, janitorial, window cleaning, and laundry.

Our collaborative supply chain works for industries like automotive, industrial, commercial, healthcare, education, entertainment venues, hospitality, government, and catering to fight problems such as corrosion, dirt buildup and water damage etc.

Trumax bespoke cleaning facilities services are facilitated to control labour costs, reduce downtime, repairs and keep energy costs to a minimum during the winter and summer months.

Our operational efficiency and rigid support system regularly invest in the purchase of modern cleaning devices, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and products that reduces your additional expenses for both the interior and surrounding of the property.

Our cleaning facility team at Trumax is well-equipped with all the COVID-19 essential and facilities sanitized. Our cleaning expertise is available for you with high standard services.

Irrigation Service

An irrigation system is a process of providing a controlled amount of water without over and under watering the landscape for increased property value, saving time, money and a beautiful & healthy looking landscape which makes your property the envy for the building occupants, facility executive, visitors, ground users, surrounding community in general.

Trumax Irrigation System service reflects their irrigation efficiency through better management and conserving water resources, as per the need & requirement of different types of landscapes with the least expensive solution for your irrigation system requirement.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

We install your sprinkler irrigation system using water-wise conservation principles and walk you through on how your new system works and how to operate your new system.

Drip Irrigation System

We design and install drip irrigation systems that hold the maximum potential of saving water and ensures that all trees, plants, foliage and flowers receive proper watering directly at the roots.

Irrigation System Maintenance Service

We can help you with your irrigation start-up, irrigation inspection and rainwater harvest system. Our skilled maintenance team at Trumax are trained to service all types of sprinkler and irrigation systems. For any information about any of our irrigation system services, please contact Trumax.

Landscape Architecture & Landscape Design

Your landscape is often the first impression on your customers. Trumax Landscape Architecture & Landscape Design Services help your business to leave an impactful impression on your customers that compliments the quality of your business.
Our licensed landscape architects craft a well-planned strategy from conceptualization to completion to transform your residence or workplace into an attractive landscape that pleases the exterior environment.
Trumax Landscape Design Services includes developing, caring and maintaining your property that helps in increasing the stewardship and sustainability of the environment with exceptional attention to details.

Our Soft Landscape Design Service Includes –

  • Garden/Park
  • Backyard
  • Business Park
  • Corporate Property
  • Decks & Driveways

Our Hard Landscape Services Include –

  • Pond Creation
  • Fencing Driveways Walls
  • Custom Seating Areas
  • Pathway Construction
  • Stone walls and terrace

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Trumax is a reputed swimming pool maintenance company that specializes in providing swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services for your commercial or residential properties. We work with you to keep your pool clean, safe and efficient by also providing great value for your money.

Improper maintenance of your pool also manifests the following occurs –

  • Very heavy rains and windstorms
  • More swimmers than usual
  • Foul odor from the pool water
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Swimmers with burning, red eyes
  • Algae growth
  • Murky, slimy water

Trumax skilled pool maintenance staff work with you to provide pool opening and on-going pool services during summer, winter, spring, fall to provide unparalleled additional support beyond the scope of your agreement with us to ensure a clean environment. Our trained technicians are bound to understand the higher-level pool chemistry, filtration systems, and local code requirements to ensure a healthy life of your pool.

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