Electro Mechanical Management

At Trumax, our professional team come together to deliver one window solution and considers energy saving and fuel efficiency as the top priority for all our operations.

We work with you to take care of all Electrical & Mechanical maintenance of your plant and offices. Our specialized, trained and qualified team maintain and manage all your electromechanical services on a 24-hour basis. We specialize in providing these services that are customized as per our customer’s requirement.

Our ElectroMechanical Management Services Encompasses of –

  • HVAC Operations
  • Fire & Safety Audits
  • Energy Conservation Services
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Operations
  • Plumbing, Carpentry and Civil Works
  • Building Management Services
  • Environmental Health & Safety Services
  • Management Information Systems
  • Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance

Apart from the above-said activities, Trumax also works in all kinds of repair, preventative maintenance including strategic maintenance, periodic maintenance, energy audit, health and safety hazard maintenance etc. To know more about our electrical and mechanical maintenance services, Contact Us!

A/C Installation

Trumax has an impeccable track of providing best air conditioning installation service. Our experienced technical workforce provides you unmatched and round the clock assistance in HVAC & Electromechanical field.

What To Expect From Our Air Conditioning Installation Services –

  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Comfortable indoor environment
  • A dependable system that’ll last for years
  • More features than your previous AC unit
  • Peace of mind you deserve

At TRUMAX, we install all types of HVAC systems, including Split systems, Hybrid heat pumps, ductless mini-split systems and packaged systems. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An HVAC unit provides both the heating and air conditioning in your home or workplace it’s operational for the ventilation that circulates so that moisture can escape out.
Our utmost emphasis has always been on customer satisfaction and by offering them the best solution to their needs. Trumax is known for its adherence to quality and service. Call us today for more information!

A/C Maintenance Services

Trumax A/C Maintenance service ensures that your equipment is getting the right treatment. With our professional A/C maintenance services, you can maximize your air conditioning performance, and increase its lifespan by decreasing the energy bill and assists in preventing repairs caused by non-maintained systems.

Trumax A/C Maintenance Services Include –

  • We remove brush & debris near the unit
  • We clean the condenser coils every spring
  • We replace any HVAC air filters
  • We check for loose contacts or electric connections
  • We lubricate motors and bearings
  • We recharge refrigerant
  • We ensure the condensate drain is clear

Our professional A/C Maintenance Tune-up Steps –

Thermostat – To ensure your thermostat is working properly and located away from all heat sources.
Check/Tighten Electrical Connections – We ensure that your electrical connection is free of electrical hazards to improve the lifespan of the heating and cooling system.
Lubricate Moving Parts – We ensure that there aren’t any unnecessary moving parts that cause more frequent repairs and replacements.
Check and Clean Condensate Drain Line – We ensure that your A/C can properly drain liquid properly and drain line is free of bacteria.
Check System Controls – We ensure that your HVAC system has proper cycling and safe operations. Change/Clean Air Filter – We make sure that your air system is clean and compatible with your existing system.

Carpentry & Flooring Services

Change the feeling of the entire home by remodelling the room with Trumax carpentry and flooring services. Trumax carpentry and flooring professionals are skilled with all types of building materials including tiles, ceramic, stone, marble, wood and timber, which are in the most popular choices. With years of experience, we can surely help you make the right decision.

Whatever your vision is, Trumax carpentry and flooring experts help you to design your vision that has both form and utility. 

Our services also includes – 

  • Furniture
  • Space Planning 
  •  Accessory & Art Selections
  •  Custom Window Treatments & Bedding 
  • Surface Finish Selections

The hidden secret behind our huge clientele of numerous home builders and commercial construction contractors in UAE is our craftsmanship reputation in the market. You can rely on us for your carpentry and flooring requirement.

Electric Fitting & Fixtures Services

Jobs related to electrical system and electricity is a lethal and delicate – Always call a professional electrician in these situations. Our years of commercial experience have made us capable of using the most reliable and safest material that ensures longevity and your property free of any incident outbreak.

Trumax Electric Fitting & Fixtures Services Encompasses of – 

  • Fuses
  • Trunking
  • Breakers
  • Isolators
  • Insulators
  • Installation
  • Spot Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Control Panels
  • Cables Dressing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fixing Switchboards

We undertake all kinds of electric fitting and fixtures related work ensuring safety to the customer and the environment as a whole. Our handyman electricians with excellent skills & expertise are also open to answer your queries with a professional touch and also available 24/7 for an electric emergency within the critical time frame and budgets.

Electromechanical Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Trumax experience in the electromechanical industry lies in providing services to interior designing, construction, building maintenance & turnkey solutions that result in the optimum performance of the electromechanical equipment. Our team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, asset specialist, and proficient service providers all types of on-demand and commercial from refrigeration, electrical projects, installation and commissioning & maintenance of air-conditioning systems.

We are full-fledged electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance company that works with the aim of ensuring quality, cost-effective and timely delivery of products for the repair, re-conditioning of mechanical products for our clientele.

Floor & Wall Tiling Services

Building a house is an art and only an expert can do this task – From small domestic’s jobs to large turnkey commercial projects. Trumax offers all kind of tiling services for different types of commercial and residential properties all over UAE.

Our floor & wall tiling services encompasses of – 

  • Installing Ceramic, Porcelain and all other kinds of tiles
  • Installing Marbles, Granite, Limestone, Travertine
  • Installing any stone in the slab, with Mortars, Mechanical Fasteners
  • Re-Grouting for Discolored or Damaged Grout

Our tiling experts who work under the supervision of skilled and experienced engineers are able to offer you Five Star Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All of our work is guaranteed to provide you with satisfactory results in the best possible way.

Office Partitions & False Ceiling Services

We are prone to provide technical proficiency and expertise in every office partition and false ceiling contract we enter and adds attractiveness to every level, from small homes to apartments and small office cabins to multinational office setup  or any office environment

We Offer Following Partition And False Ceiling Services –

  • Glass Wall Partition
  • Plaster Slab Wall Partition
  • POP False Ceiling
  • Brick Wall Partition
  • Gypsum False Ceiling
  • Grid False Ceiling

At Trumax, we have a team of skilled experts who provides specifications and render cost-effective solutions for an impression that lasts longer. Our solutions for office partition and ceiling services range from straight to curve solutions available in varied materials. Contact us today to avail the best wall partition and false ceiling services for your property.


Water has a tendency to escalate into cracks – We are here to help you with our plumbing service for any need that may arise at your residential or commercial property throughout Dubai.

Trumax plumbing service encompasses of –

  • Plumbing & Drainage Systems
  • Designing Drainage Systems
  • Central Water Heater Systems
  • Water Pumping Station Erection
  • Electrical & Solar Water Heaters
  • Designing Water Supply Systems
  • Chlorination of Plumbing Systems
  • All Types of Grease Traps &Water Tanks
  • External Drainage Networks & Manholes
  • Testing & Commissioning of all Plumbing Systems
  • Installation of Different Sanitary Ware Models & Types
  • Supply & Installation of Drainage & Water Supply Systems
  • Installation testing and commissioning of all types of pumps – transfer, submersible, booster, irrigation, etc

We adhere to the highest standards of providing reliable plumbing solutions, so you can rest assured that all our employees are crossed with a strict background and drug test. At Trumax you can keep the faith that your job is done at the right time by the right people in the right price.

Swimming Pool Installation Services

There are many things that go in making a safe, lavish and lasting swimming pool – You can rely on us for your swimming pool installation service as we have years of experience in providing the best designs according to the layout and on-site estimates for your commercial and residential properties. We turn them into the paradise you deserve!


Our Swimming Pool Installation Service Encompasses of –

  • Indoor Pools
  • Endless Pools
  • Wooden Pools
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Custom Inground Pools
  • Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

At Trumax, we don’t just offer swimming pool installation services, but also all the features and comforts that go along with your new pool including patio design & installation, custom stone walls, dramatic water features, amazing fire pits, fire torches, etc that fit both your property and needs.

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